The advantages of renting a segway to move around the city

At our car rental company, Albirent, we are perfectly aware that each client has needs when it comes to getting around the city. For this reason, in our fleet, in addition to cars or scooters, we have what are known as segways, which are an individual form of electric transport that is used to drive with the movement of the body.

In many cities around the world, these have become the favorite option of tourist companies when it comes to making routes through them quickly. However, it should be borne in mind that renting one during your stay in Alicante means being able to enjoy advantages such as the following:

  • Without a doubt, the main benefit of this vehicle is that it allows you to move quickly and comfortably throughout the city.
  • No less significant is that it is an economical means of transport, since it does not need fuel. Also keep in mind that renting one is cheaper than having a car, for example, and that you avoid having to spend money taking a taxi, a bus or the subway to get around.
  • In this list of advantages of renting a segway we cannot fail to include the fact that driving one of them is a fun experience and, at the same time, allows you to enjoy good weather.
  • Also, we must not overlook the fact that it is a vehicle that is totally respectful of the environment as it does not pollute.
  • When traveling with family or friends, renting that is a way to have a great time all together and also to move around in a group with great ease.
  • As we have mentioned, it becomes a great alternative to discover the most spectacular monuments and enclaves of the city in which you are. Specifically, because not only is the segway a comfortable and fast means, but also because it allows the person in question to not get tired of ‘kicking’ the population.

As you can see, there are several significant advantages of renting a segway to move around the city you visit. If you are going to travel to Alicante, we recommend from Albirent that you seriously consider booking that vehicle. If you do it with us, you will also enjoy low rates and a professional, attentive and personalized service.